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The Iowa Barn Foundation give an Award of Distinction to those property owners who restore or rehabilitate their barns at their own expense. Awards of Distinction are given to property owners who take great pride in their barns and by their efforts, enrich Iowa. Eligible barns must be restored as closely as possible to original condition. A plaque is presented to owners of these barns to affix to their buildings. Awards are presented to those property owners whose barns meet these guidelines:


  Structures which meet all of the requirements of, and would be eligible for a grant of funds from the Iowa Barn Foundation, shall be eligible for the Iowa Barn Foundation Award of Distinction.


  The owner or owners of record of a structure eligible under the Eligibility guideline hereof may nominate the structure for the Award of Distinction on forms provided by the Iowa Barn Foundation.


  Upon approval of a structure for the Award of Distinction by the Board of Directors of the Iowa Barn Foundation, a plaque signifying such recognition shall be presented to the owner or owners and shall be affixed to the structure in a prominent location.

Future Commitment

  The owner or owners of a structure which has received the Award of Distinction agree to maintain the structure in the condition existing on the date of receipt of the award. The owner or owners of a structure receiving the award may voluntarily sign and record the standard easement of the Iowa Barn Foundation committing the structure to uses compatible with agricultural use and the owner or owners to maintaining the property. If an easement is not signed and recorded, the Iowa Barn Foundation reserves ownership of the plaque signifying the Award of Distinction and may remove the plaque if the structure suffers significant deterioration in condition.

For more information about the Award of Distinction, contact -
Ann Harvey   515-255-5213

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