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Preserving Iowa's barns is a worthwhile endeavor!

Barn Preservation Awards, Grants, Programs, Funds, and Taxes

Matching Grant.  Owners interested in restoring their barns may apply for a Matching Grant from the Iowa Barn Foundation.

Award of Distinction.  In addition to receiving tax credits, owners who have restored their barn at their own expense may apply for an Award of Distinction.  Award of Distinction icon.

Small Barn Painting Project  (May 6, 2013).  The Iowa Barn Foundation has initiated a new program to highlight and preserve small barns in Iowa with the Small Barn Painting Project.

Special Opportunities Grant  (June 17, 2013).  The Iowa Barn Foundation board has established a special opportunities grant program to help "mothball" a barn until long-term preservation plans can be implemented or to help stabilize a structure because failure to do so will result in a barn's demise.

Financial incentives  (Aug 3, 2015).  Incentives from the Iowa Barn Foundation are now available to barn owners to take advantage of tax credits that are available from the federal government and the state of Iowa.

Information about Iowa Tax Legislation for Barn Restoration.

Information about Federal tax credits for rehabilitating barns and depreciation deductions.

The Farm Conservancy Project supports and encourages agriculture and agricultural practices in Iowa.

The Iowa Barn Endowment Fund was established so that individuals can donate cash, real estate, and securities to the fund.





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