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There are over 1500 members of the Iowa Barn Foundation.  Become a member today!  To become a member, or to make a tax-deductible donation to barn preservation and farm conservancy efforts, please complete the Membership Form (PDF).

Members help to preserve Iowa's agricultural heritage

And enjoy these benefits:

1. Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine

A membership of, at least, $25 gives you the bi-annual Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine.  The Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine is packed with information about the history of Iowa barns - their builders and owners - and also restoration stories.

2. Small Barn Painting Grants

The Iowa Barn Foundation has initiated a new program to highlight and preserve small barns in Iowa with the Small Barn Painting Project.  Grant amounts were raised on 11-03-15.

3. Diamond Vogel Paint Discount

Diamond Vogel Miracle of Paint

Diamond Vogel is proud to join the effort to preserve Iowa's historic barns and agricultural buildings by offering special pricing on paint and coatings to help protect our important rural heritage.  Present this e-coupon (click here) to your local participating Iowa Diamond Vogel Paint Center and receive up to 40% off the published retail price list on our Diamond Vogel manufactured paints and stains.  Click here for a list of Iowa locations..

As an lowa-based company, we understand the harsh climate and the challenge at hand to protect these iconic agricultural buildings for the next generation.  Thank you for your investment in saving these magnificent structures.

Diamond Vogel offers several types of ready-mixed red barn paints.  Traditional Linseed Oil based non-flat finishes are available in "Special Red" (PDF) which is a brighter and cleaner red than the red oxide color of "Rural Red" (PDF).  An oil based "Rural White" (PDF) is also available.

Water based, latex finishes are also available in barn red color.  "Red Kote" (PDF) is a flat finish and "Vinyl Kote Gloss Red" (PDF) is a gloss finish.  For white, Diamond Vogel has a number of different products for almost any application.

Talk with your local Diamond Vogel Representative for the best recommendation for your specific application.  Additional information can also be found on our website,


How to Become A Member

We welcome your support in helping to make Iowa an outdoor museum.  To receive our bi-annual Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine, we ask that you make a minimum $25 annual donation to cover publishing and mailing costs.

Your donation is tax deductible!  The Iowa Barn Foundation is an Iowa non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status under paragraph 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

If you have questions, or need more information, contact Ann Harvey   515-255-5213

The Iowa Barn Foundation would like to acknowledge the service provided by Community Bank in processing our contributions and providing other services.  The Community Bank, with offices in Nevada and Holstein, has a website here.


You can also help the Iowa Barn Foundation by volunteering.  Do you have a special skill that you think might help the Iowa Barn Foundation?  We need volunteers to help write grants, to help with barn tours, and to help raise funding.  Maybe you have skills that would help this effort.

To become a member of the Iowa Barn Foundation, or to make a tax-deductible donation to our preservation efforts, please download the Membership Form (PDF), print it, complete it, and send it to us with your payment.


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The Iowa Barn Foundation: Helping to preserve Iowa's agricultural heritage one barn at a time.


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Jason Zabokrsky, Troy Mills, wrote:

"Barns symbolize the agricultural heritage of those who founded the state of Iowa. That agricultural heritage is synonymous with important values. These values include dedication to hard work, honesty, integrity, family, and community...

...As barns are destroyed a valuable part of our heritage is also lost. If Iowans lost these historic barns from the landscape, one may posit that Iowans will begin to lose sight of the important values of hard work, honesty, integrity, family, and community which they represent."