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The Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine is sent to members and friends twice per year.  Each issue is packed with articles about barn restoration, farm life in the "good 'ole days," and other helpful information as submitted by members of the Iowa Barn Foundation.  The Iowa Barn Foundation is grateful to Michael Lanning, a graphic artist living in Ames, Iowa, who generously donates his time and talents to help produce each issue of the magazine.  The Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine is printed by J&A Printing in Hiawatha, Iowa.

Read some articles (as webpages) that may appear, or have appeared, in our Magazine:

All about the historic Iowa State University Barns (06-21-16)

Moershel Buggy Barn in the Amana Colonies (09-28-16)

Hansen Barn in Logan, IA (06-21-16)

Jensen Barn in Ringsted, IA (06-29-16)

Paperboard Barns (06-21-16)

The Drive-Thru Corn Crib (07-12-16)

Motor Mill story (07-08-16)


Some issues of the Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine are available as PDF.
(Some files are large)

Fall 2015,  Spring 2013,  Spring 2011,  Spring 2010

Fall 2008,  Spring 2008,  Spring 2006,  Fall 2005,  Spring 2004,  Fall 2003


Below are some articles from past issues of the Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine:

Barn Owls and Barns, Vanishing Parts of Iowa's Past

Barn Swallows

Barns of Dubuque County

Barns of Franklin County

Barns of Hardin County

Barns of Ida County

Barns of Jones County

Bats and Barns

Early Poultry Houses

Farm Wildlife As We Once Knew It

How To Protect Barns From Fire

Lightning Rod Balls

Old Buildings and Wildlife

Water: A Critical Need for Rural Areas

Wild Animals and Old Barns


Zimmerman Barn

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