Moershel Buggy Barn

Moershel Buggy Barn, IBF Magazine

Moershel Buggy Barn

Information from Dennis Zuber, Feb 2016.

One of the most history-filled barns in Iowa is the Moershel Buggy barn in Homestead in the Amana Colonies. It was built by Dr. H. Moershel, beloved country doctor, who delivered thousands of babies during his long career.

The barn, built in 1890, is still in the family and serving for storage and a symbol of the rich heritage. The barn is beloved by the family and the community. The foundation is believed to have been built of local stone.

When the board and batten barn was built, it was unpainted as was typical of society buildings at that time. Siding was less expensive at that time and more available than paint. The windows are single pane with divided lights in varying sizes. The original doors were replaced in the mid-1950s with overhead sectional doors.

The old photo below I’m guessing was taken around 1920.

The Small garage was added to take care of automobiles and to house an electrical generator. The parallel wiring is still there. There is a pit for getting under a car and facilities to hoist up an engine.

Photo taken around 1920.
Dr Moershel about 1910

Same view as above, Feb 2016, by Dennis Zuber
Moershel Barn

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