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Preserving Iowa's barns is a worthwhile endeavor!

Matching Grant - IBF Restoration Grant

The Iowa Barn Foundation has awarded more than 119 matching grants, with a total of over one million dollars to property owners to help them preserve their barns. It is hoped that these grants may save many Iowa barns that otherwise might be lost.

The Iowa Barn Foundation Restoration Grant is aimed at saving good barns in need of repair: a new roof, roof repair, some siding, or a repair of the foundation.

This is a matching grant. Any funds from the Iowa Barn Foundation must be matched by you or another source of funding. There is also an Iowa Barn Foundation Easement Agreement that must be accepted and filed before any grant can be awarded. (The signed easement form will be submitted toward the end of the project).

Besides the completed Restoration Grant Application (typed or printed), also submit photos with your name on the back, bids for the cost of the project, and anything else mentioned on the application form. Nothing will be returned to you.

If you have any questions, please contact the Iowa Barn Foundation. Call or email: Andrea Corcoran   515-326-1232

You can download and print the IBF Grant Guidlines.pdf (PDF) and the IBF Grant Application.pdf (PDF) forms.

To qualify for a Restoration Grant, the barn must be important to the landscape and the community. Some buildings may be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places upon completion of work, but most of these barns will receive grants for sealing foundations, new roofs, siding, etc.

Priority will be given to barns in their original site and are of historical significance.

Barns must be 50 years or older and be used for agricultural purposes.

If awarded a grant, work must begin within 1 year and the project completed within 2 years.

Barns must be restored as closely as possible to the original. Metal siding and vinyl/ metal windows are not allowed, and adornments such as quilt block are not permitted. Shingled roofs are preferred, but medal roofs will be permitted if a grey or beige color is used in keeping with the old barn look.

A perpetual easement must be signed. The easement will be filed in the respective county courthouse. This means the easement remains with the barn should the property be sold. The barn cannot be torn down. In fact, it must be kept up. (The signed easement form will be submitted toward the end of the project).

The $25 application fee must be submitted. Make checks payable to the Iowa Barn Foundation. Include your check with your Grant Application.

If your grant is approved, you will be notified.

The Grant checks are written when the ENTIRE project is completed: windows and doors repaired, barn is structurally sound, roof is repaired and barn is painted.

Thank you for your interest in saving your barn and for your interest in the Iowa Barn Foundation.

Note about the National Register of Historic Places designation:
Barn owners who have a preservation project (for instance, if the barn is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places designation, which may play a part in your preservation plans), are encouraged to apply for a grant from the State of Iowa. The State grant is for 75% and can be coupled with a Federal grant of 20%.

An IBF grant for the funds to pay someone to prepare the State grant application is available from the IBF.

For more information about the NRHP, see the National Register of Historic Places Program: Fundamentals web page. Details of their criteria can be seen on the National Register Criteria For Evaluation web page.

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