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Hynes Barn, All-State Barn Tour

Submitted by Jolene Hynes: "This second photo was taken by Don Barber (my significant other) and was selected for display at the Iowa State Fair. It did not place in its category but just selected for display is a high honor - in the Cultural Center at the Fair (It is on the top row of the display on the next to last display "table" and faces west.) The barn is in the background. Don took a "before" photo and I thought it was really unusual with the clouds as contrast. The window has been replaced and the boards are fixed and painted."
Hynes Barn.

Photo below - "I'm finishing the first coat of paint on the whole barn. That's me high up in the SnorkeLift. I wear noise protection (from the SnorkeLift), goggles & airmask (for spray paint & dust), and complete coveralls with head sock. It gets hot but it's worth keeping safe from dust and paint. I'll be putting a second coat of paint on the barn and fixing the holes and later the foundation. It is a labor of love."
Hynes Barn.

Photos supplied by owner, Aug 2019

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