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Foundation to Support Small Barn Painting Projects

The Iowa Barn Foundation initiated a new program (as of May 6, 2013) to highlight and preserve small barns in Iowa.

Owners with barns that qualify will be encouraged to take advantage of Diamond Vogel's 40 percent off the retail price for paint bought by members of the Iowa Barn Foundation (see details below).

In addition, owners will be eligible for a $1000 grant (as of 11-03-2015, up from $500) to go toward paying for preparation before painting.

Small barns will include those whose size does not exceed 2000 square feet.  The barns must be 50 years or older.  Owners must be members of the Iowa Barn Foundation, and the foundation must approve applications including paint color.  Owners do not have to sign the easement that is required on major grants.

If you have any questions, please contact the Iowa Barn Foundation. Call or email: Andrea Corcoran   515-326-1232

Just a reminder about the Diamond Vogel offer.  They are proud to join the effort to preserve Iowa's historic barns and agricultural buildings by offering special pricing on paint and coatings to help protect our important rural heritage.  There is a link to a discount e-coupon on the "Become a Member" page.







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